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If you need your clearances please do this ASAP, it takes approximately two weeks to complete.

USC Boys Youth Lacrosse is proud to announce its partnership with National Center for Safety Initiatives, through which we will engage in a comprehensive Background Screening program for our coaches and volunteers. USC Boys Youth Lacrosse has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of safety within our programs. One of these steps is the implementation of a standardized approach to background screening for our coaches and volunteers.

This includes a comprehensive background screening using NCSI’s full service product and a simple “Red Light/Green Light” clearance report issued in accordance with the Recommended Guidelines® published by the National Council of Youth Sports. This is part of a national movement towards the standardization of safety programs for youth serving organizations in this country. USC Boys Youth Lacrosse has worked with National Center for Safety Initiatives to ensure that this process is convenient, secure and confidential.

If you need your PA Criminal History Check and PA Child Abuse Clearance please use this service, the Club automatically picks up the on-line fee.

Simply go to http://www.ncsisafe.com and click on “Background Check Self Registration” on the left side of the webpage. To complete the 3 steps, please contact Gary DeCock at  for the user id and password.